YouTube’s looking to help creators grow their audience with a new ‘Top videos growing your audience’ listing in YouTube Studio, which will highlight which of your videos inspire return viewership, and are helping to expand your audience, as opposed to simply driving views.

As you can see here, the new option will show a listing of video clips based on how well they inspire return viewership. Clicking through will then take you to a more in-depth display of how each of your uploads is driving return viewers over time.

YouTube return viewer stats

Videos are listed in descending order based on the number of new viewers that returned to watch more of your content. The idea is that by highlighting which clips are driving return visits, that will help creators focus on the content that’s growing their channels, providing a new aspect on channel growth.

It could be a good way to identify key content trends, and focus on sustaining dedicated audience interest, instead of chasing the biggest reach with each clip. I mean, ideally, you can do both, but you may find that the clips that are bringing more people back to your content are not the same ones as those seeing the most overall views. It’s an interesting insights addition either way, which could help in your process.

In addition to this, YouTube’s also adding new and returning viewer metrics and member metrics in the Audience tab of the YouTube Studio on mobile, providing more access to key performance data in the app.

YouTube Audience insights

Up till now, these insights have only been available on the desktop version of YouTube Studio, so they’re not new, as such. But you’ll now be able to glean more insight in the mobile app, expanding your management capacity.

YouTube’s also aligning the metrics in its video performance cards between mobile and desktop, again providing more insight, while it’s also adding the capacity for creators to change their currency display setting in the mobile app (previously only available on desktop).

YouTube currency listings

And finally, YouTube’s also adding bottom navigation in the YouTube Studio mobile app, moving away from the current side bar listings.

YouTube Studio navigation

That’ll make it easier to move through the various options and screens in the app, which, again, may not be a huge update, but it will be a welcome one for those regularly using YouTube Studio.

You can learn more about the latest YouTube updates here.

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