Human Resources has long relied on extensive documentation to protect its company and employees, but the days of boring booklets are long over.

This year, we’re dealing you in to better ways of communication with a full deck of ideas for using Vyond. Here are four ideas for using video in HR to communicate in a more engaging way:

  1. Explaining Benefits
  2. Onboarding
  3. Introducing Processes & Tools
  4. Employee Appreciation

Read on for examples and templates for creating HR videos in Vyond Studio!

Animated Videos for Human Resources

1. Explaining Benefits


Your company’s benefits are of paramount concern to its employees, but typically, those policies are extraordinarily complex and difficult to understand. What’s more; this information is usually being served up when the employee is already suffering from a deluge of information. By adding a video summary to your job posts, onboarding materials, and open enrollment communications, you can serve up an effective primer of what your company offers.

Beyond being more engaging, videos that explain benefits and policies can go a long way in reaching employees who might otherwise be too uncomfortable to ask. By tackling sensitive topics—like mental wellness and parental leave—with on-demand video, you can better ensure the right employees are seeing it at the right time.

Ready to make you own? Use the above example as a template to create your own benefits explainer.


2. Onboarding


80% of employees say video would have a positive impact on the onboarding process, and it’s no wonder why. Video is one of the most effective mediums for explaining complex ideas in an engaging and focused manner. That clarity counts during a process like onboarding, which is typified by total information overload. With video, you can welcome new employees in a delightful way while sharing the most important information in an easy-to-understand format.

The example above—created in Vyond Studio—is available to Vyond customers as a customizable video template.


3. Introducing Processes & Tools


Instructional videos are often associated with more comprehensive training programs, but you can bring video-based learning into your organization without making a huge project out of it. Sometimes, even a quick skill-building clip can go a long way in getting everybody on the same page with common practices and tools. In the video above, the speaker uses an annotated screen recording to show how their company uses Google Calendar to schedule meetings.

You can create your own version of this video if you already have a Vyond account.


4. Employee Appreciation


Employee Appreciation Day falls on the first Friday of every March. Odds are, though, that your team is worth celebrating year-round. Show your appreciation at special events (or everyday!) with videos like the one above. You can create custom animated characters that look like your co-workers, or take a mixed media approach that incorporates your favorite photos.

If you’ve already got Vyond Studio, you can use this video as a template to swap in photos of your own team.



Create Your Own HR Videos

There’s an infinite number of ways to use video for Human Resources. All you have to do is get started. By creating your own videos for HR, you can tailor the information to your context while unleashing your creativity. Vyond Studio makes it easy for anybody to create media that moves. Give it a try with our 14-day free trial.


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