May 2, 2018

Want to get started with virtual selling with video but not sure where to begin? Look no further than our video selling examples!

The results don’t lie—just look at Lauren Wadsworth, an SDR at Dynamic Signal whose “experiment” with video selling allowed her to book 5x more meetings and increase her meeting-to-opportunity conversion rate 200%. Or how incorporating video into their sales outreach gave Terminus more than triple the response rate.

If you haven’t had a chance to add video to your virtual sales strategy yet (or are just looking for some inspo for your own cadence) here’s how top salespeople are using video to crush their quotas—along with their top tips and best practices for you to emulate.

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Let’s dive into the video selling examples:

Name: Florin Tatulea
Role: SDR (Now AE), Loopio
Uses video for: Prospecting

In a LinkedIn post, Florin identified the Vidyard Chrome extension as one of the tools that enabled him to become a top-performing SDR. “I use Vidyard… on a daily basis and have booked meetings that may have never happened because I went above and beyond what most prospects have ever seen,” he says.

Florin’s best practices for video prospecting:

  • Don’t use a script! Just talk like you normally would
  • Have a few talking points to show you’ve done your research
  • Give a verbal call-to-action (CTA) at the end of the video
  • Keep videos short—around 60 seconds is ideal
  • Display your prospect’s name in the thumbnail, so they can tell the video was customized just for them

Name: Jamie Shanks
Role: CEO, Sales for Life
Uses video for: Social Selling

“I have an empirical bias towards highly contextualized, humanized, ‘blended’ messages that incorporate both video-based insights and short-text with a direct call-to-action,” says Jamie.

Though his “empirical bias” is well-founded (he’s trained over 75 000 sales professionals!), he still wanted to convince his readership of his success with video by publishing the results of a recent LinkedIn Inmails campaign—split-tested for the medium of communication and the messaging.

Richard + James – Social Selling Mastery for you

His results? Overwhelmingly in favor of video.

The group which received a 1:1 direct video message that included a hard-selling CTA had a 37.3% response rate and generated $27,000 in sales during the course of the 30-day campaign. Compare that to a 5.5% response rate and $0 in sales for a text-based hard-selling CTA alone.

For Jamie, “Vidyard is a magical tool in sales professionals’ hands that can drive Social Selling activities!”

Jamie’s best practices for leveraging video in social selling:

  • Tailor your messaging specifically to each prospect—buyers can tell when you’ve created a message just for them
  • Try a blended approach: use text and video together to connect with your prospect on an individual level and deliver a concise CTA

Name: Tonni Bennett
Role: VP Sales, Terminus
Uses video for: Account-based marketing (ABM)

Since bringing Vidyard’s Chrome extensioninto their outreach, Terminus has been killing the video ABM game—so much so that one prospect wrote a LinkedIn post about how impressed they were with their prospecting! “The results aren’t just anecdotal either,” Tonni says, “within just a few months of incorporating video we found that we were seeing in our outreach emails a 40% higher open rate, 37% higher click rate, and 216% higher response rate.”

Tonni’s best practices for using video in ABM:

  • Practice makes perfect—Terminus’ SDRs and AEs must film a certain number of test videos and receive tips and feedback from their managers before they are given the opportunity to send videos to prospects. This ensures they are comfortable and prepared for the real deal!
  • Be human: Tonni coaches her team to film only one or two takes of a video before sending it out so their message sounds natural and unscripted
  • Prove value—don’t jump into talking about your product or service right away. Make your video about your prospect and the challenges they face, then segue into your solution

Name: Eric Martin
Role:AE at DataFox
Uses video for:Educating bottom-of-funnel prospects

Eric uses video to create custom tutorials to give a helping hand to his prospects on free trials. Every afternoon, he checks up on his prospects’ progress using FullStory—a tool which keeps track of everything users do within an app—to identify areas where his prospects are getting stuck or might benefit from some additional guidance.

After he’s reviewed this information, he creates a custom video tutorial for each prospect using the Vidyard Chrome extension. Since he gets a notification after every video view, he’s able to keep track of his prospect’s improvement after each session. “Best of all,” he says, “the end users (and their managers) love it, and it works.”

Eric’s best practices for educating prospects down-funnel:

  • Video messages at this stage can be a little longer than prospecting messages, but it’s still a good idea to keep them succinct—he recommends 1-2 minutes in length
  • Focus on specifics: target areas where your prospects are getting stuck or things you want them to learn about the product

Already using video to crush it? Share some of your best tips (or videos) in the comments below.

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Carina Rampelt

Carina Rampelt

Carina was a former Vidyard marketing intern. When not creating awesome content she can be found reading, traveling, or listening to the Hamilton soundtrack on repeat.

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