June 15, 2020·4 min read

There’s more than one kind of sales video. Learn more about the four main types of sales videos and how you can use them in your cadences.

Creating a video for sales is as simple as pressing record.

There are several different types of sales videos to choose from. Each one is suited to different goals and fits at different points in your sales cycle.

And, the more precisely you match your format to your prospect’s mindset or sales stage, the more effective your sales videos will be.

The most effective style of video depends on your use case and the message you’re trying to deliver. Webcam videos are great for introducing yourself and delivering short, personalized messages to build a relationship. Screen capture videos—with or without your webcam turned on—can be more versatile, offering a great way to deliver a longer message or to share knowledge. With screen captures, you can easily add supporting visuals to explain how you can solve their problems, walk them through a contract proposal, demonstrate your product, and more. It’s all about being able to show and tell!

Michelle BenferHubSpotVP of Sales

  1. Contents
  2. 1. The Screen Share Video
  3. 2. The Webcam Video (a.k.a. Selfie Video)
  4. 3. The Marketing-Personalized Video
  5. 4. The Video Playlist
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