March 23, 2021·13 min read

We’ve compiled the top video statistics that matter to businesses with everything from using video for sales calls and virtual conferences to video marketing trends for social media.

We know it can be hard to justify spending resources on a new content type without the data, especially for data-driven businesses. So if you—or your boss—are looking to understand the power of video and want the stats to back it up, then look no further. We’ve compiled the top video marketing statistics that matter to businesses to help you make the best decision for your marketing needs.

Or if you’re a sales leader or rep looking for more intel or insight on how video can grab your prospect’s attention, accelerate deal cycles, and close more business—we’ve got you covered too.

  1. Contents
  2. 1.Video for Sales Statistics
  3. 1.1Grab Prospects’ Attention
  4. 1.2Move Deals Forward to Close
  5. 1.3The Transition to Virtual Selling
  6. 2.Video Marketing Statistics
  7. 2.1Video Marketing Strategy
  8. 2.2Video Publishing and Production Statistics
  9. 2.3Video Length Statistics
  10. 2.4Stats Around Video Engagement
  11. 2.5Video Analytics Statistics
  12. 2.6Online Video Statistics
  13. 2.7Mobile Video Statistics
  14. 2.8Video Email Statistics
  15. 2.9Video SEO Statistics
  16. 2.10Video Content Marketing Statistics
  17. 2.11Virtual Conference and Webinar Statistics
  18. 3.Social Media Video Statistics
  19. 3.1Facebook Video Statistics
  20. 3.2Instagram Video Statistics
  21. 3.3LinkedIn Video Statistics
  22. 3.4Twitter Video Statistics
  23. 3.5Snapchat Video Statistics
  24. 3.6YouTube Statistics
  25. 3.7TikTok Video Statistics

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