February 2, 2021·12 min read

Sales videos are a powerful way to save time, build rapport, and accelerate deals. This step-by-step primer will equip you with everything you need to know to send your own sales video email.

Why is using video for sales emails a smarter way to engage prospects and advance deals?

Imagine you just bought a new dresser you need to assemble. Would you rather read a dense, 15-page instruction guide or watch a quick 90-second video that clearly shows each step?

Many prefer video as a much easier format to consume information over text. Your prospects are no different. They are overwhelmed and busy and sales videos allow them to quickly learn what your company has to offer—along with a host of other benefits we’ll explain below.

Watch and Learn

Want to learn about using video in sales emails via video? We made a video version of this blog so you can do precisely that!

In just under five minutes, Vidyard’s Social Media Manager Charlie Rogers explains the main benefits of adding video to your sales emails and best practices for doing it.

  1. Contents
  2. 1.What is Video for Sales?
  3. 2.Benefits of Video for Sales Emails
  4. 2.1 Sales Videos Command Attention Because They’re Unexpected
  5. 2.2 Your Friendly Human Face Will Help Build Authentic Relationships
  6. 2.3 Using Video in Sales Emails is More Convincing than Traditional Cold Calling
  7. 2.4 Video Makes it Easier for Your Prospect to Consume Information
  8. 2.5 You Have More Tools at Your Disposal to Make a Winning First Impression
  9. 2.6 Improve Your Sales Videos over Time with Data
  10. 3.Best Practices for Video Sales Letters
  11. 3.1Craft a Compelling Subject Line
  12. 3.2Keep It Short and Sweet
  13. 3.3Build Credibility with Social Proof
  14. 3.4Use Words and Video to Complement One Another
  15. 3.5Don’t Be Afraid to Have Fun and Get Creative
  16. 3.6Always Guide Your Prospect to the Next Step in Their Buying Journey with a CTA
  17. 3.7Share Best Practices with the Rest of Your Team
  18. 3.8Front-Load Key Information
  19. 4.Best Video Sales Letter Examples
  20. 4.1Example 1: Music to Your Prospects’ Ears
  21. 4.2Example 2: The “Let Me Buy You a Drank” Approach
  22. 4.3Example 3: Puppy Eyes on the Prize
  23. 4.4Example 4: Walk a Mile in Your Prospect’s Shoes
  24. 5.Video Sale Letter Template
  25. 5.1Video Sales Letter Script Template

What is Video for Sales?

Sales videos are when salespeople record videos to send to prospects—via email, LinkedIn, or another channel—to increase responses. This is proven to be an extremely effective way to increase open rates and response rates and grab a coveted slice of your busy prospects’ attention.

To send sales videos quickly and easily, it helps to have a sales video platform. Otherwise, it’s more work to email videos—you have to record, host, and organize videos on your own. Plus, there’s no reliable way to track prospect engagement. Plus, it appears less trustworthy to recipients—your prospects may think it’s a malicious link and ignore. Or worse, they may mark your email as spam and send your deliverability rates plummeting.

A video sales email tool allows you to one-click record and send via an email where it automatically inserts a thumbnail with a “play” button.

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