February 18, 2021·15 min read

We’ve rounded up our predictions for the top 5 video trends of 2021. Embracing a digital-first strategy for marketing, sales, and employee engagement is a must for any business this year.

Welcome to the digital-first business world, where video trends will rule the day. It’s no secret that we’ve been on this trajectory for the past two decades, but wow, did 2020 ever accelerate things!

It’s now clear that embracing a digital-first strategy for marketing, sales, and employee engagement is a must for any business. And while in-person meetings and events are expected to return to some degree in the latter half of 2021, the most successful businesses will embrace a strategy where physical supports digital instead of the other way around. And even those who have already been ‘digital first’ will evolve their strategies to better align with the new expectations of remote buyers and employees.

This will be the most important theme for 2021, and video will emerge as one of the most critical elements of these new go-to-market and employee engagement strategies.

  1. Contents
  2. 1.Why Will Video Trends Rule the 2021 Digital-First World?
  3. 2.Video Trend 1: Video in Sales Explodes
  4. 2.1How to Take Advantage of Video Trend #1
  5. 2.1.1 Up Your Prospecting Game with Proven Video Templates
  6. 2.1.2 Get the Rest of the Sales Team on Board
  7. 2.1.3 Reduce Your Dependency on the Live Meeting
  8. 2.2Innovators Leading the Charge With Video Trends
  9. 2.2.1#Paid is Shortening Deal Cycles
  10. 2.2.2Thomas Buchanan at Modus ‘Walks the Digital Halls’ with Video
  11. 2.2.3Flight Centre Travel Group Modernizes its Sales Process
  12. 3.Video Trend 2: User-Generated Asynchronous Videos Become the Norm
  13. 3.1How to Take Advantage of Video Trend #2
  14. 3.1.1 Get Comfortable Being on Camera
  15. 3.1.2 Use Asynchronous Video as Part of Your Communication Culture
  16. 3.1.3 Create More Content With What You Have
  17. 3.2Innovators Leading the Charge With Video Trends
  18. 3.2.1Jumio Staying in Touch through Video
  19. 3.2.2Traction on Demand Stays Connected with Asynchronous Video
  20. 4.Video Trend 3: Marketers Embrace On-Demand ‘Show-and-Tell’ Content
  21. 4.1How to Take Advantage of Video Trend #3
  22. 4.1.1 Don’t Let the Fear of Video Production Hold You Back
  23. 4.1.2 Give Social Media Audiences What They Want—More Video
  24. 4.1.3 Dig Deeper into Messaging
  25. 4.2Innovators Leading the Charge With Video Trends
  26. 4.2.17Geese Creates a Powerful Q&A Campaign
  27. 4.2.2Ali Schwanke, CEO of SimpleStrat, Leads the Way with Video
  28. 4.2.3Financial Force Uses Video on Their Website to Drive Pipeline
  29. 5.Video Trend 4: Virtual Events and Live Video Experiences Go Mainstream
  30. 5.1How to Take Advantage of Video Trend #4
  31. 5.1.1 Host a Virtual Event That Delivers Real Value
  32. 5.1.2 Use Social Media to Live Stream Events
  33. 5.1.3 Leverage Recorded Sessions as On-Demand Content
  34. 5.2Innovators Leading the Charge With Video Trends
  35. 5.2.1Axonify Created a Virtual Event to Wow
  36. 5.2.2Vidyard’s ‘Fast Forward’ Event Goes Virtual
  37. 6.Video Trend 5: Video Tech Goes from Tactical to Strategic
  38. 6.1How to Take Advantage of Video Trend #5
  39. 6.1.1 Consolidate Disparate Systems
  40. 6.1.2 Use Video in Company-Wide Strategies—Not Just Marketing
  41. 6.1.3 Embrace Analytics
  42. 6.2Innovators Leading the Charge With Video Trends
  43. 6.2.1TBI Uses Video to Educate and Train
  44. 6.2.2Ceridian Becomes a Video-Enabled Business
  45. 7.Get Trendy and Start Creating

Why will 2021 be a massive year for video, you ask? Not because we all want to be on more Zoom calls (we don’t). Not because social media is being dominated by video content (it is!). But because the expectations and preferences of our customers and employees have changed forever. And video is the new platform to connect, educate, and create trusted relationships at a time when it matters more than ever.

In a digital-first world, we will see the following major recurring themes for 2021.

People expect online self-service experiences to discover, learn, and connect. Immediacy and discoverability of information are critical, but so is offering it in modern formats to show-and-tell and to create a level of transparency that audiences now crave.

People are seeking out authentic, helpful, and trustworthy content that’s not only timely and relevant but also feels ‘real’ and personal. People connect with people, and organizations will need to investigate new ways to make this a focus in the year ahead.

Engagement is no longer a buzzword, it’s a battleground. In a digital-first world, we’re all one click away from another message, a better piece of content, or an irresistible TikTok. Marketing, sales, and even employee engagement is no longer a battle for eyeballs; it’s a battle for true attention and engagement.

In this world, video is no longer just a nice-to-have, or a tool simply used for live calls and social media posts. Video—in various forms—becomes a primary way to deliver key messages, share impactful stories, build authentic relationships, and win the battle for engagement. And 2021 is the year things get reel…I mean, real.

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