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Personalized videos are a powerful way to capture and keep your audience’s attention. Find out how they work, learn how they’re made, and see examples.

Everyone likes to feel special. That’s why adding details into a personalized video, like your viewer’s name, company, or photo, is the perfect way to engage and delight your audience.

You can use personalized videos to increase email conversions, boost landing page sign ups, increase event attendance, make nurture more personal, improve customer satisfaction, and more.

  1. Contents
  2. 1.What is Personalized Video?
  3. 1.1What Personalized Video Isn’t
  4. 1.1.1One-to-One Video
  5. 1.1.2Video Created for the Industry or Vertical
  6. 2.Benefits of Personalized Videos
  7. 3.Personalization Methods
  8. 3.1Traditionally Personalized Videos
  9. 3.2Real-Time Personalized Videos
  10. 4.Where to Use Personalized Videos
  11. 4.1Email
  12. 4.2Website
  13. 4.3ABM and Sales
  14. 4.4Customer Service
  15. 5.How to Make a Personalized Video
  16. 5.1 Personalized Video Pre-Production
  17. 5.2 Personalized Video Production
  18. 5.3 Personalized Video Post-Production
  19. 6.Personalized Video Best Practices
  20. 7.Personalized Video Examples
  21. 7.1PortoBay Hotels Increases Average Viewer Attention Rate 70%
  22. 7.2DoubleDutch Supercharges Event Invites
  23. 7.3Amnesty International Earns an 83% Click-Through Rate
  24. 7.4Norton Makes Explanations Personal
  25. 7.5Marketo’s Personalized Event Invite Increased CTR 144%

What is Personalized Video?

Personalized video is video that has been customized to each individual viewer. This is achieved by inserting personal elements such as the viewer’s name, email, job title, profile image, company name, logo, etc. directly into the video.

In contrast to creating separate original videos for each individual recipient, personalized video leverages technology—a video personalization platform—to allow you to use the same video over and over again. The video has points within it that have been designated as fields where personalized elements can be inserted.

Watch and Learn

Vidyard’s own video expert Blake Smith explains what personalized videos are and how to create an awesome one. He’s joined by Mat King and the duo break down one of their favorite examples to showcase what a successful personalized video looks like.

A personalized video can go out to thousands of people, yet feel like each one was made from scratch. It’s equal parts shocking and engaging, which leaves viewers wondering, “Did someone make that just for me?”

See It In Action

This personalized holiday video is a great example of what’s possible with video personalization technology (just imagine your recipient’s name in skywriting).

It netted us a 157% increase in our click-through rate when we sent it out.

Personalization technology can also be applied to videos that are customized not to an individual recipient but rather to a group, such as a company, industry, or vertical. These videos might include a company name, logo, or even text points specific to their use case.

See it in Action

In the example video below, the Vidyard team included a spot to personalize the video not for the viewer, but for their company.

In the shot with the whiteboard, there was a space to personalize the company name and change the three key takeaway bullets to make them relevant to that company.

This meant that one video could be sent to multiple people at the same organization, and easily shared amongst recipients.

What Personalized Video Isn’t

One-to-One Video

A one-to-one video is created from scratch for each viewer, whereas a personalized video (using our personalization technology) is one video containing fields for personalized elements, that is then replicated for each new viewer.

Although both types can be highly useful for salespeople, one-to-one videos can be created with a free tool like Vidyard’s chrome extension to record and send a completely personal one-to-one video to each prospect to book a meeting, offer a mini demo, explain a contract, or hand an account off to customer service.

Personalized video takes a little more work to produce, but once created, they can be stored in a video library for quick sends to larger lists of leads. Personalized videos are more scalable than one-to-one videos, though both are (of course) highly personal.

See it in Action

The one-to-one video below was created by Vidyard’s Sales Coach Jacob Fernandes to send to a contact. A name appears on the whiteboard Jacob’s holding in the video because he wrote it out by hand specifically for that particular recording.

Video Created for the Industry or Vertical

Another option that is personal, but not personalized, is to create a video that’s specific to a use case, industry or vertical. This strategy can be quite scalable for marketing teams on a budget and can work well for account-based marketing (ABM).

However, because this approach actually means creating separate videos from scratch—rather than applying personalized video software to change elements within the same video—we don’t consider it true personalized video.

Benefits of Personalized Videos

We live in a world where we’re bombarded by thousands of marketing messages every day. For marketers and salespeople, that means it’s tougher than ever to stand out, keep audiences engaged, and build memorable relationships. But by treating each prospect and customer as an individual, personalized video can help you connect.

Benefits of personalized videos include:

  • Breaking through the noise
  • Higher email open rates
  • Higher click-through rates
  • More engagement
  • Builds relationships

Why does personalization work so well? As the motivational guru Dale Carnegie said, “A person’s name is to him or her the sweetest and most important sound in any language.” People crave personalized experiences. A massive 58% of consumers say that a personalized experience is very important when purchasing from a company, according to Salesforce.

And marketers are giving them what they want: 92% of marketers report using personalization in some way. For most, this doesn’t go beyond the basics (*inserts first name into email greeting*).

While using personalized elements taps into people’s desire to be acknowledged, doing it through video intrigues them. Many people will watch the entire video just to see where the personalization pops up again.

But it’s not just a novelty. Personalizing an offer increases click-throughs by 202%. Meanwhile, in an experiment from SalesLoft, 75% of late-stage prospects who received a personalized video became closed won deals before quarter’s end. And, an insurance company found that customers who watched personalized videos renewed at a rate 12% higher than those who didn’t.

Combined, personalization and video in an email are a fascinating outreach combination.

thumbnail showing what personalized video looks like

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